(“Global Cooling” CD) 

© 2009 Cooling  / Wagner, BMI

Verse 1: 

It’s OK to let go of the status quo – it’s more fun to open up your mind 

We can stretch, we can breathe, there’s no reason we can’t relieve the fever that keeps us in the grind 

We think that it’s conviction but maybe it’s addiction to a familiar way to behave 

Like making a cake - set a time for it to bake – it’s the comfortable result that we crave  

A theory that turns me on in the quantum realm beyond is that we design our life as we go   

Goodbye to the stigma, embrace the enigma and the thought that we may never know


Yes, we can - Yes, we can. There is no doubt that we can

Verse 2: 

We can alter the structure of our universe with a well placed thought in our head 

The creative purse can be reimbursed with kindness as our daily bread 

A beam of light depends on our sight - the observer cannot be ignored 

We can shift, we can move the inter-galactic groove as our knowledge of self is explored 

Verse 3: 

In the frozen brain it’s all the same – we feel stuck like we’re in reverse

No need to fear - it’s a perceptional gear that you can change by the way you rehearse 

Will you join me in the rave in this amazing wave and let creativity take a stand? 

There’s a beautiful solution to the karmic pollution and the ability is in our hands


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