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"Best of all, Cooling managed – in an era of brightly shining guitar stars – to glow with a uniquely personal creative energy of her own.”

 –Los Angeles Times

"Jazz guitarist looks good, sounds even better...Joyce is the real deal. You can hear in her soloing that she is familiar with the jazz guitar tradition. This music will sell itself..."

–Chicago Sun-Times

“…the reining queen of contempo guitar…”

–Guitar Player Magazine

“A versatile guitarist who can play prickly, notey runs as effortlessly as swooping lyrical melodies…”

–Jazz Times

“While some fast-rising stars turn out to be less than meets the eye, Cooling proves to be more.”

"...she'll venture off, intensifying even the most middle-of-the-road ballad and turning light funk into a heavy experience.”

–Jazziz Magazine

“…lucid, melodic guitar lines and percussive samba rhythms…


“Joyce Cooling at her best - warm and swinging.”

“...a dancing polyrhythmic sound that sambas, rocks and sways.”

–San Francisco Chronicle

"On stage Cooling displays versatility and strength as a musician and seduces her audience with phenomenal stage presence and appeal...She was simply enthralling."

–Manila Bulletin, Philippines

"As a jazz guitarist, Joyce Cooling's Wes Montgomery leanings are a delight. Fused with Brazilian influences, it gets even better...she vibes with a lot of swing."

–Latin Beat

"This woman's got chops!"


”The entire project is a satisfying and global sensation from a passionate and talented artist! 

–Progressive Pulse

“Musicianship: First-rate all the way.”

–Music Connection 

“The Cooling - Wagner sounds are Latin-lively, body-moving stuff, with lots of mutual enthusiasm, audience to band.  Since she is a very good guitarist, (Cooling’s) vocals and guitar lines provide an attractive one-two punch...”

–San Francisco Examiner

The West Coast guitarist has a large contemporary jazz following, but her influences, which include blues, rock and Brazilian grooves, help set her performances apart.

–Washington Post

"Cooling, Wagner and company have captured, conquered and converted - always a step ahead of their listeners, surprising and enchanting. This is contemporary jazz, the real thing, and the audience digs it in the quiet corners of their minds."

–Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine

"(Their) music was challenging yet quite accessible, rhythmic yet never predictable. The combination of voices and instruments sounded unique...an impressive and highly individual jazz group."

–Music Connection

"Cooling is way cool"

–L.A. Jazz Scene

"Combining old and new, flavored with the exotic, 'Global Cooling' is Joyce Cooling's statement that she's willing to push her own musical boundaries ."

–Blue Plate Radio

"Joyce Cooling is everything hip and happening... she's vibrant, soulful and musically delicious".


"...this cover girl is quite an accomplished guitarist with the chops to challenge any contemporary jazz player on the scene...

–Jazz News



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